10 tips on How to Prepare for Life After University

I am currently in the last semester of my master’s degree programme. Wow. Time flies. I see many students consider the time at the university as time for themself. They can do whatever they want, they can procrastinate, they can try some projects and some jobs. At the end of the day, the only thing they do is the study and write assignments. Of course, some students try to study and work at the same time. In Europe, many countries support students so they are not 100% dependent on the work and they can dedicate more time to their studies.

Currently, I feel stressed about what am I going to do when I am not a student anymore. No more student perks and student benefits like cheaper transportation, cheaper life and in general, fewer responsibilities. Since I am a very goal-oriented person with a strong desire to travel full-time, explore the world while still doing something I love, I have decided that this year I need to make sure that the transition from being a full-time student to being a full-time “adult”, understand not having a student status anymore need to be as smooth as possible. I honestly cannot imagine myself being in a work which doesn’t allow me to be location independent. I guess I have seen and experienced too much to get back like this. Unless I decide it is what I want. Now, I know that the only thing I want is to travel, create and inspire.

So how I am preparing myself for life after university?

1. Investing in myself

Time and money. Recently, I am investing in courses, networking events and training. It has been quite a shift in my mind since I was always used to being savvy as much as possible.

My purchases of last year – Lost Creator Academy. I have been following Lost LeBlanc for a while now and he is one of the biggest YouTubers in the travel niche. He also created a community of other content creators around the globe. While I haven’t studied a lot recently, just being a part of the community is really great. There are some other extremely talented and famous content creators and I find it super helpful to be virtually surrounded by those people. Why did I join? I always wanted to enhance my photography and videography skills. While this can be taught on Youtube, the academy also includes other teaching materials like how to run a business. Plus, if I need advice I can always reach out to people in the community.

RealitniShaker – My biggest goal and accomplishment in 2021 was to buy a flat. While I had this idea I had literally no one around me with the same mindset. Why would I buy a flat and rent it out? Well, I need to start building my passive income streams. I had some savings and I didn’t know any other way than to purchase real estate. So, I needed to find out more information on how to buy a flat, how to calculate my ROI, and how to find more information about the property. I found of RealitniShaker (in Czech only) and I participated in two different workshops, both online. I find them very valuable. Most importantly, they gave me the courage to buy the flat. I did it, yay!

2. Work or Intern while you study

I am a hustler and I find just studying too risky. Therefore, I always suggest everyone search for an internship or work. You don’t need to do a full-time job, but I definitely think that having work is a must. I think being a freelancer is probably the best option while you are a full-time student. You can choose your hours most of the time and you still can enjoy the benefits of student status. You know that I study Erasmus Mundus Master Degree Programme and I was granted a scholarship which should cover all my expenses. Why would I work? Well, working and studying at the same time will teach you a lot about time management, and money management and in general, it will make the transition to life after university easier. When you are going to work, you will probably have a family soon and you will have to juggle all these things at the same time. Not only you will have some extra cash, but you will also prove to your future employer that you are capable of working while doing other things. Last but not least, I believe that practical knowledge and skills will be always more valuable than your diploma.

3. Invest and save

I see a lot of my friends when are done with university they need a few weeks or even months until they find a job. For that reason it is very important you learn to save each month money to cover this gap between your university and your new job. Again, it will prepare you better for your future and life. Learning how to invest as soon as possible is the best thing you can do. You will thank yourself later. I personally use a Broker Degiro for ETF funds and Binance for crypto.

4. Build Your Network and Make Meaningful Connections

I think everything is about the people we have around us. I am sure you have heard that you are an average of 5 people you have around you. While 5 might be too tiny a circle, I believe that we should always try to meet new people which inspire us and can make our life better. This might be something pretty scary for introverted people and especially after the pandemic, but I think it’s the best way to make our life better. I often use Meetup, where you can find many different events around the globe. Many of them are completely free and always open to everyone. Another thing, which is already more selective is conferences. There, you can usually find professionals or highly motivated people. While the price for many conferences might be very high, often the returns are might higher! This year I am participating in TBEX a conference in Malaga, Spain for travel bloggers and content creators. I am also going to VIP Real Estate Investors in the Czech Republic. Another event, I am particularly excited about is Cashflow Summer aka Decentraland in June. At conferences and other events, you have the possibility to meet interesting people who could also help you out when you are done with the university. Or even before. Last but not least, stay in touch with your professors. Join the Alumni at your university.

5. Perfect your interviewing skills

I will tell you my little guilty pleasure. I am applying for jobs even though I know I don’t want them or I can’t take them at the moment. Why? Firstly, I can see if the companies are interested in me and secondly, I am learning how to pitch myself, and how to present my portfolio and skills. I believe the more I do them, the most confident I become. It is quite different when you apply for a job even though you don’t really “need it” and when you do. This always teaches you how to handle rejection. When they reject you from a position you knew from the beginning you couldn’t take, you won’t be that miserable. However, it will show you your weaknesses and next time, when you will really need that job, you will know what to make better. Or you will take the rejection with a lighter heart.

6. Work on your Socials or Create Your Portfolio

Being present on social media is a good way to let others know who you are. However, I don’t think it is necessary. Some job positions don’t require you to have a blog or actively post on social. I believe that most of them don’t. Nonetheless, having some sort of presence, either as a website or portfolio, is very beneficial. The best place to start is to create your LinkedIn profile. Some also suggest being active on LinkedIn to boost your profile in the search algorithm.

7. Establish Healthy Habits

You will have definitely less time than during your college. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to build healthy habits. Drinking a lot of water, sleeping regularly and exercising. This will not only pay off on your body but also on your performance. I know it on myself. Some days I need to actively convince myself to go out and breathe fresh air, especially during the winter which is more difficult. However, the change is constant. I am not more concentrated, happy and focused. University can be tough, but in your career, you will have a lot of responsibilities, therefore having a solid base with healthy habits is necessary.

8. Learn how to be organized

Learning how to be organized during your university, will be the best gift to yourself when you enter the world of a full-time career. It will make your life easier and nicer. I just recently cleaned my computer from unnecessary files, sorted out my email box and organized my photos. It feels so good! Little things, which limit our distractions are so important. Learning how to be organized already during the college will be a great benefit when we start working full-time.

9. Think and Reflect Daily on Your Dream Job

Something that scares me the most has to do a job I don’t like. Therefore, every single day I visualize my dream job and what I really want to do. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the programme I study. That’s fine. But don’t let it distract you from your university. Think about what you can learn to be more competitive and suitable for your dream job. The more you will work on this during your semesters, the closer you will be when you graduate. You have absolutely no idea what you want to do? That’s very natural too! Try to reflect on your hobbies and passions. Try to figure out how to monetize them, Try to think about how to combine them with your current study programme.

10. Be patient

Definitely, something our generation struggles with. The university world is quite fast and the semester flies. In the corporate world, it might take years until you are promoted.

I am currently applying all these 10 rules. I am just a human, so sometimes I definitely fail in these, but I am trying my best. I would love to know what are your tips? Are you still at the university? Or are you already a professional? What do you think? Let me know!

I talk more about how to get ready for life after university in this video on my Youtube Channel

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