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Welcome to my personal and lifestyle travel blog!

Travel without a fear! 

My name is Lenka and I was born in a little european country called the Czech Republic. My goal and mission is to show you that you should not be afraid and scared to travel. 

Why I called myself CHICA CHECA?  C H I C A  C H E C A  means Czech Girl, for those who does not speak spanish. The reason is because I made my journey from Mexico through the Central America to Colombia and I always wanted to feel like.. latina, haha.

I am student of Tourism and Leisure Management at university in Austria, but currently I live in Colombia because of my practical training semester.

The idea of having blog came after realization that I have a lot of incredible stories and I would like to open eyes to travelers to take entire world as our home and don´t be afraid of going out of the comfort zone.  I enjoy to travel by hitchhiking, talking to locals, do a little bit off the beaten track traveling and as a student I travel on a budget, very tiny. Do I have less fun because of little money? NO, DEFINITELY NOT. Because I rely more on humans than on monetary sources, I have much more valuable memories. And I want to share all of them with you.

I have visited thirty countries so far – except Australia I have been to every continent. My goal is to visit all european countries until I turn 25.

Travel the world
My biggest fear is to feel fear!


Chica Checa


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