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Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru

In late October I fulfilled one of my goals for 2022 and I went on Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru. In this article I will try to briefly summarize what is Ayahuasca, how did the jungle retreat look like and my personal opinion and recommendations. What is Ayahuasca and Why is so Controversial? According to Wikipedia: …

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Q&A – 5,000 Subscribers

5.000 people watching my channel Chica Checa Study Abroad. This is a big success and I feel very honoured. I am so glad that you are around and I can’t wait for the future! In this video I asnwer some of YOUR questions – about Erasmus Mundus, my personal life and relationships, motivation and more.  …

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I Attended TBEX in Marbella, Spain – Content Creator Conference. Is it worth it?

I spontaneously decided to attend TBEX – a global travel conference that educates brands and travel creatives by facilitating partnerships, growth of revenues and brand visibility. I will share with you insights about the TBEX conference, in case you are interested to participate next time, or if you are just curious to know what such …

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I thought Erasmus Mundus is Better

Erasmus Mundus is a wonderful opportunity to study, live and travel to different countries. You meet people from around the world. Europe is a cradle of history and therefore the possibilities are endless. Please, don’t misunderstand me. I am forever grateful for the opportunity of Erasmus Mundus and for the unique full-ride scholarship. However, I …

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