I am Paid to Study Abroad, Best Study Programme in the World!

I won a scholarship for a programme which allow me to travel full-time 2 years! 

I study Erasmus Mundus. Erasmus Mundus is a joint master degree programme, available to everyone, with no age restrictions, any country is eligible to apply. This amazing scholarship will cover your tuition fees, travel costs, visa and insurance. Basically, it covers your 2 years, so you can concentrate on your studies.

What can you study? All programmes are listed here. I am sure that everyone will choose some programme. 

 Definitely, it might be time, energy consuming to apply, but it is SO worth trying to apply. The whole process is is summarized in this video.

I have studied at The University of Glasgow, University of Malta and Lund University in Sweden. All these universities have amazing ranking worldwide.

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