My Year 2022 – Year Of Changes

I want to summarize the year 2022 for myself as a memory but since this year was so exciting, I believe it can bring some value to you as well. I have participated in many cool events, which I have shared on my Instagram @chicacheca97, I have finished university and I have travelled as much as ever before. I will try to summarize my year in a few paragraphs and categories. 

Countries visited: United Kingdom, Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Cuba, Brazi

Flights taken: 60+

Degree: 1 or 3 (received Triple Degree)


At the beginning of a year, I ended a relationship which was harmonic, yet it didn’t correspond with my lifestyle. This was a difficult decision which has had to be made. I have traveled to Portugal to escape the winter and stayed there three months. The time in Lisbon has been eye-opening for me. I had time to dedicate to my master thesis, which was at that time my biggest priority. I have decided to focus on blockchain and its use in the future. I have often participated in many events through Meetup, which is a fantastic platform for networking and socializing. Lisbon is very popular among digital nomads and therefore there are events of any type. Thanks to this, I started to dig into different topics than just business. 


It started with a little meetup in Lisbon where we had a little sharing circle. Since then I started to look into femininity, spirituality, biohacking and last but not least meditation. I have realized that I was constantly tired and felt almost burnout, just because I have never really followed my cycle and haven’t dedicated enough energy and love toward myself. These little meetups were the first steps of a long spiritual and I guess never ending journey. In the summer I came back straight from Spain to Cashflow summer, which used to be a more finance-oriented event but this year it was definitely more about spirituality as well. It seems that the world, or at least my social circle, started to pay more attention to what is going on inside us. 

Later this year I participated as a photographer in the Healing Festival, probably the best festival I have ever been to. It was just a confirmation that exploring myself and the world from a different point of view feels right to me. I tell you something, at the Healing festival there was no alcohol served! I would never believe I would ever like such an event, yet I loved it! 


This year I have finally overcome a block to investing in myself. I come from a family, which beliefs in saving, saving, saving. I always felt guilty when paying for something, whether it was a bottle of water or a course. However, in 2022 I have invested a lot of money in many events, courses, and also into simple wellness and self-treatment such as massages. While I still believe it is important to save money, I also believe it’s important to invest money and let them flow. By doing so, they will come back in even bigger amounts. 

I have also bought my first apartment for investment. I have successfully rented it immediately and gained experience in applying for a mortgage, taxes and choosing the right tenant (although you never know). Purchasing an apartment was a stressful journey, but it felt great to overcome all obstacles and achieve something, which appeared to be completely impossible initially. 

TBEX conference in Marbella in June (Spain) was a very spontaneous decision and I purchased it at the last minute. TBEX is a conference for content creators such as bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters but also companies in the tourism industry and merges them together.   I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know anyone there and still, I met many inspirational people and companies in the tourism industry. I have been studying and working in the tourism industry for the last seven years, and TBEX was like another piece of the puzzle which just complimented my experience. Plus, I won an extra press trip through the unknown region of Almería in Spain!

Realitní Shaker in April (Czech Republic)

Realitní shaker is a company which gives educational courses and conferences about investing in real estate with the goal to build a passive income. The reason I love conferences is not always about the information you receive, but about the people you connect with. 

Ayahuasca Retreat in October (Peru)

The Ayahuasca retreat is something I have talked about in my Youtube videos. Ayahuasca is a psychoactive and entheogenic brewed drink, which is strictly forbidden in Europe. In South America, it is widely used among indigenous people. I have spent eight nights in the jungle, without electricity, internet, hot water and other amenities we take for granted (for example mirror :D). My experience is dense, but a quick summary of my trip there is that everything is connected, everything we think of is real and time doesn’t exist. I recommend watching Avatar movies when they connect with their nails. This is how I felt when I finally allowed my brain to be open. I talk about my entire experience in this video.

Tour Guide in South America

I have connected my two big passions together – South America and travelling. Sooner than expected I flew to Colombia at the end of March to have my first south American tour ever. Three weeks going through the best spots of Colombia – visiting Amazonian rainforests and swimming with pink dolphins, sleeping in the hammocks in the desert with indigenous, hiking through the wax palm valley or visiting my favourite city Medellin. I didn’t stay for only one tour, in September I did another one through Peru and later one more in Colombia. Although I have experience with being a tour guide, leading people 24/7 for three weeks is another level. I have enjoyed showing tourists my favourite countries, however, the biggest takeaway for me is: It’s not about the place, it’s about the emotion (I highly recommend reading a book: NLP for Everyone). What does a day of tour guide look like, when scouting for new destinations? Watch my video here

Content Creation and University

I have posted a couple of videos on my Youtube talking about my Erasmus Mundus experience and sharing tips on how to win the scholarship. I honestly didn’t expect that so many of you would be interested. The first week of the year I got monetization and even though I haven’t received any payment that week, it was very exciting to see that through sharing knowledge online with the rest of the world a person can be paid. It sparked further my interest in content creation. 

However, as time goes by, I met many successful people who don’t even have a high school. I started to be quite sceptical about the necessity of having a degree. Do we really need to study for a couple of years and start almost from zero when applying for a job? Isn’t it better to gather experience from the beginning or rather dedicate the time and money to building our own empire? There is no right or wrong answer, everyone has their own path. I re-read the Rich dad, poor dad book and also the Why “A” Students Work For “C” Students. Watch my video – I am so happy I did this during college


Resolution for the year 2023


Online Business, Slow Travel and Relations

I feel that these two categories are the most important for me at the moment. While spirituality and travelling were priorities in the year 2022, this year I want to consciously dedicate time to business online and nourishing quality relationships with people around me. 

Online business is something that I have always believed in and I have been working online for the last few years. My vision is rather than working for a corporation, work for myself and become my own boss. Building a business is challenging when you travel fast and therefore, travelling slowly is my goal for this year. This applies also to maintaining relationships with others. I don’t plan to give up travelling ever, but I prefer this year to travel slowly. Not changing places every second day and driving through the entire country in two weeks. An Argentinian friend I met in Cuba told me “You only hate the road when you are missing home”. (Yes, it’s the lyrics from Passenger). I don’t hate the road, but I started to miss home. And I know, home can be anywhere you feel good and you have the right person nearby. And the biggest happiness is thanks to the people. 

If you have finished my year summary here, I would love to know how was your year and what was your biggest takeaway. What are your plans for the upcoming year? I am curious to hear it Let me know in the comment!

Favourite Youtube Channels: Eva zu Beck, Ali Abdaal, Boho Beautiful, Pamela Reif

Favourite Book: The Last Aristocrat, Why “A” Students Work For “C” Students, How not to die

Favourite Country: Colombia, Cuba

Favourite App:

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