Keynote Speech

Last 5 years I have done over 70+ public speeches about travels, education opportunities,  and technology innovations (mostly blockchain and recently ChatGPT). I was presenting in various European countries both offline and online.

Do you need a serious presentation about  development for your company or a more laid-back funny travel experience? Let me know your audience and I can make an unforgettable presentation.

Social Media Consulting

I help business with Youtube, Canva and Social Media Management in general. I help you to set strong foundations and get familiar with the latest developments. I help you to set the tools on autopilot so you can save your time and energy. 

Student Consulting

I have applied to three programmes of Erasmus Mundus and I was accepted to all of them and I have received a full-ride scholarship. Besides that, I have worked with education agencies for the last 8 years and I can advise you how to choose the country of your future studies. Do you need to revise your application documents? I can help you!

If you didn’t find what you need or you have a special request, please contact me directly via

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