Travel Presentations

I present my travel journeys at councils, public institutions, tourism boards and other interesting places. Do you need a serious presentation about sustainability development or a more laid-back funny travel experience? Let me know your audience and I can make an unforgettable presentation. 


Photography is one of my biggest passions of mine. The magic of depicting the world from a different angle and letting it live forever… Do you need product photography, real estate photography, events or something else? Through my years of worldwide experience, I believe our collaboration can be great. 

Student Consulting

I have applied to three programmes of Erasmus Mundus and I was accepted to all of them and I have received a full-ride scholarship. Besides that, I have worked with education agencies for the last 8 years and I can advise you how to choose the country of your future studies. Do you need to revise your application documents? I can help you!

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