Q&A – 5,000 Subscribers

5.000 people watching my channel Chica Checa Study Abroad. This is a big success and I feel very honoured. I am so glad that you are around and I can’t wait for the future! In this video I asnwer some of YOUR questions – about Erasmus Mundus, my personal life and relationships, motivation and more. 

Last year I created 53 videos covering my travels in Northern Macedonia, Montenegro or my favourite Kosovo.The most successful video was about Eramus Mundus and my ultimate guide on how to apply. I have been getting hunderts of messages saying that you were able to succeed and in September 2022 you start your Erasmus Mundus programme with a scholarship. Congrats! 

I was hesitant to start Youtube for years and I am beyond grateful I finally started! The biggest challenge is to stay consistent, but it’s all process and I am fully dedicated to keep creating content for you guys in the future. Thank you.

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