Travelling makes us happy – discover the magic of travelling!

Travelling is the key to be happy – everybody wants to be happy! But what to do if you don’t travel? You can be happy all the time. Discover the magic of travelling. What makes travelling so special? Why are people happy when they travel? Why is travelling addictive? How to feel like that you travel even though you are at your hometown? Read how to apply travel rules and feel the excitement of traveling in your daily life!

Travelling makes you fuller and happier is a fact. Read this article. The magic of traveling is that we worry less and see the world with a little bit different eyes. Curious and without so many prejudices. That´s the magic of travelling. The excitement. The trill. The butterlies in your stomach. The fear. The emotion. The fact that you assume and see everything in the fascinating way. Because it´s different. It is unknown. You can be excited from the most ordinary things – a laughing child, an old car, a good weather. Imagine how excited I am to take a bus in different country? Is it ridiculous? Maybe.

The problem is, when we stay at one place, a lot of people start to get used to it and stop paying attention to everything arround us and stop being excited. If you see something for the first time, it has a different effect on you than if you see something for the 100th time, right?

Why should we apply travelling in our daily life?

Because we will be happier. I swear. If you start to appreciate the little things more, you will have more reasons to smile. Try to change your attitude. Try to feign that you are travelling and you are not in the place you actually know. You will attract so many new things into your life.

The reason why I love travelling – it always brings me to some situations I would never dream about.  However, how to feel this excitement of travelling in your daily life?

Change your eyes

Not literally, of course. Change the way you see things. Because you are used to see these things often, there is nothing extraordinery for you to pay attention to. There is no magic for you. That´s what you think. I always say, “OMG! In the place where I live there is NOTHING good to see.” (I live in a village with a thousand habitants.) However, for the people who have never been here, it might be interesting. There is ALWAYS something interesting to see. Maybe it is only forest, lake or ruins of old castle, but for people who have never seen it, they might feel like me when I hike the volcano in Guatemala. It is only about how we see and perceive things around us. .

be happy - travel

Try new things

My second advise – try new things. Try a new coffee in Starbucks. Try a new sport. Change your haircut. All these changes are like simulation of traveling. It brings something fresh into your life. You will discover what you like and what are your strenghts.  Try a new kind of beer. Or ice- cream. Or both. Try to smile at foreigners. Try to have a little talk with people you meet.

Be open

What I enjoy the most about travelling that it brings me to the incredible situations. I know why. I am more more relaxed and open. Once you know it, you will discover a whole new dimension. Try to not judge, be humble and say yes. Say yes to better life. SMILE.

Travelling makes us happy
Discover fuller life
Discover your surrounding

Take your time. Go to the city park with a book and enjoy it. Walk to the places you have never been to and discover. Doesn´t matter if it is different part of your city or forest next to your house. Go where your legs lead you to. Without planning, just follow your intuition. Explore. You will feel the thrill from travelling. You will feel as explorer. You will feel the magic in your rutine life. Because something new appear in your life. You wil feel fuller. You will feel free. Just watch the sunset, animals, people. Just stop and watch.

Our hapiness is everywhere

Doesn´t matter where you are. Watch how the life is going on. That´s why we travel, right? To see how people live. So when we are at home, why don´t we want to see how the people around us live like? Why we are no interested?

What is the magic of travelling?
Magic of travelling is that we see the things diferently

We should be happy from the trivial things every day, because LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL EVERY DAY and doesn’t really mater where you are. Don´t forget to be open and not BE AFRAID!

Does travelling make you happy as well? What else makes you happy? When was the last time you truly felt happy? Share me with me all your experience!


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