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Welcome to my personal and lifestyle travel blog!

My name is Lenka and I was born in a little european country called the Czech Republic. Why I called myself CHICA CHECA?  C H I C A  C H E C A  means Czech Girl, for those who does not speak spanish. My first bigger trip was in Latin America and since than I stick to this name. 

 I grew up in a small city and since I was small, I knew there is something more than my hometown. 

Cultures, languages, exotic places, different customs. World… 

So my journey started with showing people how to travel and not be afraid. Nowadays, traveling became my identity and my mission is to inspire others how to turn travelling into a lifestyle. 

Currently, I am student of Tourism and Culture Development as a part of Erasmus Mundus Programme, which consists of three partner universities across Europe. I am currently beginning to write my thesis, so wish me luck!

First idea of having blog came after the realization that I have a lot of incredible stories and I would like to open eyes to travelers to take entire world as our home and don´t be afraid of going out of the comfort zone.

I am 24 years old and I have visited 49 countries so far. However, it’s not only about numbers of countries visited but also about the different cultures, experiences and impact on the others. And last but not least, it’s about the meaningful connections we make.s

My fear is to have fear! Don’t let it stop you!

Chica Checa


My mission is to connect young travelers, encourage them and defeat their fear.


Make the world a more connected place.


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