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Welcome to my personal and lifestyle travel blog!

My name is Lenka and I was born in a little european country called the Czech Republic. Why I called myself CHICA CHECA?  C H I C A  C H E C A  means Czech Girl, for those who does not speak spanish. My first bigger trip was in Latin America and since than I stick to this name. 

For last decade I have been travelling around the world and visited 4 continents and lived in 5 different countries. I love the freedom, diversity and excitement. Thanks to this experience I was able to collect diverse academical as well practical experience, become a fluent in English, German and Spanish and be comprehensive toward many situations in the world. I was awarded a competitive full-ride scholarship Erasmus Mundus among other 15.000 students from the entire world. 

I turned traveling into my lifestyle and became a tour guide in South America and full-time digital nomad. I can take my laptop to Amazon rainforest, to the beach in Bali or to a mountains in Austria, and still be able to work. 

I feel like by age of 25 I turned SO many dreams into reality.

But now, it’s time to let grow others and help them to live their dreams and I want to share my “secret formula to it!” I now I believe that the key to be free, travel the world is to build your own business. Whether that means to be an entrepreneur or freelancer. I believe that this is really the future, which will help you to gain freedom in all aspects of your life. Pursuing what you like, making living out of it, is for me the ultimate definition of freedom. 

But to achieve that ultimate freedom, you need to set a good foundations – social media, personal branding and also mindset. 

And here comes my mission – to help you to design a life of your dreams. And if you don’t need any of my service, at least my goal is to inspire you. 

I wish you nothing than success and living your best life. 

Chica Checa


My mission is to connect entrepreneurs, encourage them and help me grow.


Make the world a more connected and fulfilled place.


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